Business Consulting Masters (BCM) teaches new and seasoned consultants how to obtain engagements on a consistent basis by providing greater and better value, including funding, to their clients. BCM goes beyond the traditional methods of management consulting by combining more than 33 years of experience in consulting and advisory services, portfolio supervision and management, debt restructuring and project work-outs, syndication, and board memberships.

Globalization, Free Trade Agreements, regional economic associations, and the advent of the internet have created a world market with no boundaries. Therefore, access to any market has become easier and quicker, but also has made competition keener and stiffer. The old ways of doing business are no longer adequate. Many consultant's recommendations, which might have been appropriate in the past, are no longer relevant.

At BCM, we use different approaches, including the celebrated "Growth Pyramid Paradigm" to help CEOs and business experts learn, not only how to expand overseas with minimum risks and guarantees, but also how to obtain funding for said expansion.

To learn more about the "Growth Pyramid Paradigm", you can request my chapter from the book "Successnomics", co-authored with Steve Forbes and other experts or my chapter from the book "Transform" co-authored with Brian Tracy and other experts at: mac@businessconsultingmasters.com


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